We develop comprehensive security programs based on an Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) strategy for corporations, federal agencies and academic institutions. No plan of action is identical, as we design each program according to your unique needs and specifications. Some of our offerings include:
  1. Risk management for physical and cyber threats
    We implement the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) strategy to risk management. Our holistic method identifies assets and the root cause(s) of current and potential risks, as well as an ongoing risk assessment to advance your organization's security and ensure it remains strong and profitable.
  2. Comprehensive risk assessments
    To mitigate risk effectively, you need to be aware of your weaknesses. We offer a comprehensive risk assessment that will identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your company's current physical and cyber security protocols, as well as recommendations on how to solve any issues detected.
  3. Threat analysis
    Don’t be caught unaware. Our team will identify the most common or probable threats to your organization and security infrastructure so that you’ll be better equipped to protect your business.
  4. Human resource solutions
    We provide recommendations that help project managers, supervisors, and leadership manage contractors and employees more effectively and securely. We also offer our signature Contractor Management System that allows companies to track employees and productivity simply and easily.
  5. Security guard services
    We provide on-site security by collaborating with pre-screened, thoroughly vetted guard service companies to ensure your event or location is secure.
  6. Security training
    Our team provides extensive training on best security practices, as well as logistics training so that your organization can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to mitigate risk effectively and to manage your inventory and supply chain operations efficiently.
  7. Educational workshops and seminars
    Put your safety in your own hands. We believe everyone should be security conscious, which is why we offer workshops and seminars to help educate communities and organizations on all types of security threats.
  8. Emergency planning
    Be prepared for anything. Our team will develop a custom plan for your organization to have in place in case of an emergency or natural disaster, so your business can remain operational and loss can be minimized.
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