Contractor Management System

 The Contractor Management System is part of a holistic approach to risk management for construction enterprises that establishes contractor accountabilty based on cutting-edge risk management principles designed to help keep your assets secure.
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Our Contractor Management System:

RSC's technology was created for project managers, site superintendents and owners to provide real-time data and personnel management available via mobile or PC.

The system establishes onsite/offsite accountability by implementing scannable QR & bar codes for personnel by project.

With increased productivity and decreased downtime, the using the Contractor Management System potentially saves millions of dollars from theft and other security issues.

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  1. Accessibility
    Real-time data and personnel management accessible via mobile or PC.
  2. Accountability
    Establishes onsite/offsite accountability by implementing scannable QR & bar codes for personnel by project.
  3. Productivity
    Increased productivity and decreased downtime.
  4. Demographics
    Provides valuable employee and contractor data including company info, trades, certifications, licenses and personal demographics.
  5. Managed by us
    Managed internally by RSC for ultimate security and peace of mind.
  6. Savings
    Potentially saves millions of dollars from theft, downtime and other security issues.
The concept for RICE Security & Consulting’s signature Contractor Management System came about when Principal and CEO Ricky Davis realized the construction industry accepted loss as part of doing business. Not believing any business should have to accept this, RSC developed a system to help companies mitigate the risks associated with the construction industry. 

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