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RICE Security & Consulting mitigates security risks through comprehensive assessment, strategic planning, extensive training, cutting-edge technology and expert consulting.

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  1. Risk Management
    We implement the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) methodology to risk management. Our holistic method identifies assets and the root cause(s) of current and potential risks, as well as an ongoing risk assessment to advance your organization's security and ensure it remains strong and profitable.
  2. Threat Analysis
    Don’t be caught unaware. Our team will identify the most common or probable threats to your organization and security infrastructure so that you’ll be better equipped to protect your business.
  3. Training
    Our team provides extensive training on best security practices, as well as logistics training and security awareness so that your organization can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to mitigate risk effectively.
  4. Human Resources
    We provide recommendations that help project managers, supervisors, and leadership manage contractors and employees more effectively and securely. We also offer our signature Contractor Management System that allows companies to track employees and productivity simply and easily.
  5. Emergency Planning
    Be prepared for anything. Our team will develop a custom plan for your organization to have in place in case of an emergency or natural disaster, so your business can remain operational and loss can be minimized.
  6. Risk Assessment
    To mitigate risk effectively, you need to be aware of your weaknesses. We offer a comprehensive risk assessment that will identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your company's current physical and cyber security protocols, as well as recommendations on how to solve any issues detected.
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The Contractor Management System is part of a holistic approach to risk management for construction enterprises that establishes contractor accountabilty based on cutting-edge risk management principles designed to help keep your assets secure. This stystem:

RSC's technology was created for project managers, site superintendents and owners to provide real-time data and personnel management available via mobile or PC.

The system establishes onsite/offsite accountability by implementing scannable QR & bar codes for personnel by project.

With increased productivity and decreased downtime, using the Contractor Management System potentially saves millions of dollars from theft and other security issues.
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